Counselling for Ageing & Transitions

Change is inevitable and nothing in life is static or stable. This can often be scary and overwhelming. It can be very difficult for us to accept change and make the necessary adjustments as we tend to crave stability and security and we resist flux. When life changes course due to choices you’ve made or circumstances that have been thrust upon you, it can be helpful to have support.

Ageing is a natural process that can present real challenges. Some older adults look forward to moving from middle age to their later years, but for others that transition might be difficult to accept. Considerations like health, mobility and medical conditions, or stress due to a changing identity, retirement, or financial security can be very significant. It may be challenging for some older adults to consider their own mortality, especially as they witness friends, peers, partners and spouses pass away. Isolation can also be very significant for some.

Therapy can help older adults having difficulty with ageing to manage their emotions, find new sources of fulfillment and meaning, and create new support systems. It can also help to support family members who may be caregivers of relatives or friends.

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