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Do you feel like you lack the skills and insights to realize and maximize your potential in life? Are you having a difficult time identifying what you’d like to see change? Would you like to live with more authenticity, more drive, or more passion? Maybe there’s no one “issue” that plagues you, but you’re interested in seeking more fulfillment and meaning.

When you work with a therapist to address your own growth, you will find that your relationships are strengthened, you have more clarity about your goals, and you have a greater understanding of yourself.

Inevitably, life brings challenges: we fall, make mistakes, and we are subjected to experiences we didn’t want or ask for. These experiences butt up against our own inner lives and the meaning we make of them based on our core beliefs. Personal growth occurs when we make the choice to turn inward and unravel the threads that have obscured reality. In doing so we can move forward afresh with new insight and vision for ourselves.

Sadly, our culture isn’t very supportive of us seeking healthy self-care solutions and greater wellbeing. The overwhelming message is that “quick fixes” exist and self-exploration is indulgent. In fact, the opposite is true. Seeking wellbeing can actually help you make lasting and meaningful change. Examining your own life can connect you to greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

Personal growth is a lifelong process with no single way to achieve it. I strive to support clients in identifying the changes they want to make and developing strategies that address those goals. In doing so, I encourage clients to achieve congruency with their core values and clarity around their self identified goals. Therapy isn’t just for those moments when one is in crisis or pain. If you feel a pull to expand, to transform and to grow into wellbeing, we can work together to achieve that.

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