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Therapy works best within a supportive, trusting, and safe relationship that we create together. From therapy, you can become more authentic, vital, creative, accepting of yourself and others, self-confident, and feel a range of feelings, while coping successfully with life. Therapy also offers both the opportunity to find new meaning and significance in your life and a safe environment where you can connect with parts of yourself that you may have lost or forgotten. At its best, therapy is a relationship characterized by warmth, caring, and compassionate understanding.

Therapy allows you to discuss your specific concerns in a confidential setting. Working collaboratively, we will identify your concerns, explore therapy options, identify meaningful goals, and take action. To ensure therapeutic goals and actions make sense within the context of your life, your unique experiences will be central to our discussions at all times. While the work we do together in a session sets the foundation for change, the work you do outside the session is vitally important to developing new skills and sustaining change.

Outcomes of therapy vary with each individual and the issues addressed. Some common benefits reported by clients include reduced anxiety, stress, and fear; increased autonomy, clarity, personal growth, and emotional expression; and increased ability to connect with others and themselves. Perhaps the most common experience reported by clients I have worked with is a renewed sense of hope and a new perspective on life.

If you have questions about the therapy process I encourage you to contact me to book an appointment.

Please reach out by phone or use the form below to get in touch.

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