Counselling for Grief & Loss

When we experience loss our sense of reality is challenged and we often resist accepting our new circumstances. We easily become unmoored and can feel a range of emotions and even notice ourselves behaving in ways that seem surprising and unfamiliar. Simple day-to-day responsibilities can be overwhelming as we struggle to function.

Grief is an emotional response to loss. The loss might be associated with the death of a loved one or a beloved pet. Bereavement is a very individual process that can be full of surprises. There’s no one way or “right way” to grieve so no matter your experience, it’s best to refrain from self-judgment and expectations of what you “should” be feeling or how you’re reacting.

Loss can be experienced in so many ways. Anything or anyone that felt important or valuable to you can evoke feelings of loss when your relationship to that person or circumstance changes. This could include: the loss of a relationship through divorce, separation, widowhood; pregnancy related loss due to miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion; change in physical health status; financial loss; change of country and culture due to immigration or refugee status; empty nest syndrome; retirement or change in work status; change in life roles like being an active parent, being a student, or the ability to participate in a hobby or a pastime.

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