Relationship Counselling

As social creatures, we are always in relationships with others: family, friends, colleagues and partners. Being in healthy relationships can contribute to feeling happy and fulfilled. And yet, relationships are not easy. When faced with adversity, some of us are drawn to unite and bond more deeply to each other. Sadly, others turn away from their relationships and lose the benefit of mutual support.  When difficulties arise, many people are quick to give up, blame themselves or others, or get stuck and do nothing at all, simply hoping that things will change. This can lead to feeling trapped in a relationship where resentment or disappointments abound, or we face the painful effects of isolation and loneliness.

I work to create a setting where clients can be heard and understood and where the emphasis is on problem solving and not blaming and re-enacting old patterns.

I can help you achieve the tools that will foster:

  • A deep sense of connection
  • Effective and respectful communication
  • Feeling understood and respected
  • Passion and intimacy
  • Trust and a sense of safety
  • Establishing healthy boundaries

I provide the space and perspective to help you understand your self in relationships, challenge your long held beliefs and expectations, and help you examine your patterns of behavior. With therapy, you can learn how to behave differently, learn what you really want and how to communicate that to others.

A successful relationship, no matter how it is defined, is one in which feelings can be readily expressed and shared and where experiences can be shared while each of the participants is able to maintain a sense of their individual identities.

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