Counselling for Self Acceptance and Compassion

Self-compassion is the ability to turn understanding, acceptance, concern and love inward. Many people are able to extend compassion toward others but find it difficult to extend the same compassion toward themselves. They may see self-compassion as an act of self-indulgence, but extending compassion toward oneself is not an act of indulgence, self-pity or selfishness. In fact, self-compassion can help relieve distress associated with anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns.

An inability to accept your perceived weakness may lead to difficulty achieving emotional well-being. As compassion and acceptance for oneself grows, one’s sense of self-worth tends to increase. Self-compassion does not depend on either social comparisons or one’s sense of personal success; rather, recognition and acceptance of one’s flaws often leads to growth and personal development.

Love for self reflects valuing one’s own happiness and developing an unconditional sense of support and caring for oneself. A willingness to meet personal needs, view oneself as worthy, good, valuable and deserving of happiness is at its centre. In doing so, clients often notice that their compassion and empathy for others grows as well. As a result relationships have the capacity to thrive and grow and people find more authentic and meaningful connections with one another.

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